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This is a list of current and future expansions for the RPG Get! CCG. To download cards, please see the cards page.

Card Get! (Base Set)

Ever dreamed of Ryudo fighting a Rag Rappy with a Pirate Cutlass? With RPG Get! you can do exactly that. The RPG Get! CCG is a card game system that combines many different Dreamcast RPGs into a single game.

The base set draws from Phantasy Star Online's Episode 1 and includes basic quest cards, a selection of characters and enemies, a few simple roadblocks and events, and a multitude of rewards. This set is designed to provide the cards necessary to get started with RPG Get! and tries to avoid more complicated effects and cards. The rewards are primarily attack cards, designed to eliminate the opponent as quickly as possible.

Download these cards to get started with the RPG Get! CCG.

Power Ultimate Get!

It is power ultimate? It can be for you with the first expansion for the RPG Get! CCG.

This set draws from PSO's Ultimate mode and adds a few new tricks to the game including elementally-resistant enemies, more dangerous quests, and new reward cards. Item, Armor, and Shield rewards are finally introduced, along with a selection of buffing and debuffing spells to simplify (or complicate) your battles. The basic 9-star weapons also make an appearance, adding various special effects to your weapon attacks.

Get the ultimate in power with the Power Ultimate Get! expansion.

Evolutia Get!

Be the first to find the ultimate power of the ancients. Evolutia get!

If PSO characters are about flexibility, then Evolution characters offer anything but. Limited to cyframes or one weapon type and with no general magic ability whatsoever, it can be difficult to find the right rewards for use. However, once properly powered up, you will find that Mag and company have an arsenal of powerful weapons and devastating special attacks at their disposal, more than capable of crushing those that stand in their way.

Unlock the power of the ancients with the Evolutia Get! expansion.