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Welcome to the RPG Get! Customizable Card Game, a card game system that combines various RPGs into a single game. Ever dreamed of Ryudo fighting a Rag Rappy with a Pirate Cutlass? With RPG Get! you can do exactly that.

To get started, please read the rules, then download the cards!

Note that this game is currently undergoing a revamp. You can follow revamp progress here or on my journal.

Card Spotlight

Today's featured card is Deband (Lv. 30)

Deband (Lv. 30)

Have a team of Forces? Forces are notoriously bad at taking damage, so make them harder to damage with Deband! Have a team of Hunters and a Force? Buff them all up so they can stay on the front lines with their melee attacks! Deband 30 is reasonably expensive at 7 cost, but prevents up to 4 damage from every physical attack and will likely be able to target your entire team. Excellent to pull out in a pinch, especially when facing mostly physical attacks.

You can download Deband (Lv. 30) in the Power Ultimate Get! set from the cards page.

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June 2, 2010 - The Evolutia Get! Expansion has been added. However, the game may be getting a redesign soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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